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CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES/COMPETITIONS: The school had a Social Day on Thursday 9th march, 2017. We are grateful to parents, guardians, invited guests and schools who attended the programme on that day, other things, we had debate, quiz competitions. It was a great success and our children had fun showcasing their talents.

This term we took part in the following competitive events outside the school and won prizes as indicated below

  1. 2017 Milo Basketball Championship for all Secondary Schools in Ogun State------  2nd position
  2. Relay Race Competition for all Secondary Schools held at Navy School  ------  2nd position
  3. Debate competitions at Taidob College          -------- 1st position
  4. Mathematics competitions for Junior and Senior Secondary Schools in Abeokuta South
    1. Junior Category                                --------   1st position
    2. Senior Category                               -------    2nd position
  5. At A.G.G.S we won 2nd Position, 2nd in quiz and 3rd in the Dictionary Drill

To God be the glory.

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