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Art is a universal language of expression, Art is life and life itself is art looking at it from the angle of creation, the space, the size, the shape, form and proportion as well as colour in which they are presented, little wonder that God himself is regarded by humans as the greatest artist ever.

Natural object as observed differs in details and colour thus helping us in naming and defining them, trees, rocks, animals and fruits all have different features, the palm tree, the banana tree, the grand canyons as compared to the mountains, the elephant being weighed alongside the rhinoceros, the water melon in contrast with the pineapple and the orange as it differ in size when compared to the grape.

Art itself could be traced back to the early men who wrote and drew on cave walls, using stones, twigs and natural dyes gotten from plants and sediments, so nowadays when people say categorically that they do not like art, I smile and think maybe they have not taken time to ponder on how seriously they chose the colour and size of the upholstery they now have in their livingroom, the texture and positioning of the well draped curtain as it blends with the centre rug, those beautiful throw pillows and the zebra skin footmat at the entrance, the carved Plaster of Paris (PoP) ceiling, the cabinet and stylish shelf that houses the carved picture frames and paintings, the terrazzo, marble or engraved tile on the entire floor, the beautiful flower vase that created an ambiance at the entrance, the dolphin shaped mug on the dinning table, the square shaped plate with a vivid rose flower painted at the centre of it, the kitchen water tap in shape of a duck with water streaming from the beak, the stylish verander with a wrought iron effect, the carved balusters, the sculptural work at the fountain not looking at all those printed T. shirt we wear, the colourful floral covered bedsheet, the poker-dot designed pillowcase.The choices we make in selecting the colour of our houses and cars, our choice of dress,haircut, music and style of cooking all falls under art since art itself centers on fine(paintings), Applied(textile), literary(Books) and performing art (Drama), etc, suffice to say then that everything we do on this planet earth falls under one aspect of art, you do not have to be a Davinci before you create or design, our entire life is Art and Art itself is a way of life.   


Fine art department

Cultural & creative Arts Section

By: Akande Olumide S. (Art Instructor – MIC)



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