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HOLIDAY ASSIGNMENT                                                MATHEMATICS JSS THREE

  1. Calculate the volume of a cone with slant height is 13cm long and the base is 10cm in diameter.
  2. Madam Angel spent one-fifth of her salary on food, she then spent one-third of the remainder on her car, she has $286.00 left. Calculate her salary.
  3. 6 Lumberjacks can cut down 15 mahogany trees in 2 hours. How much longer will it take 8 lumberjacks to cut down 35 mahogany trees working at the same rate?
  4. Convert the number 6358 to base five



List all the chemicals needed in making liquid soup.

Pick one out of the chemicals listed and find out its component.



1a.  Define population census

  1. State 4 problems associated with population census
  2. List and explain 5 features of the Nigerian constitution.



Recall the history of the Olympics.



1a. What is source documents?

  1. Mention any four(4) types of source documents.

2a. Define production.

  1. Mention the four (4) factors of production and their rewards.
  2. With the aid of diagram, illustrate the division of commerce.


  1. C. A JSS3
  2. Discuss lettering and Rehearsal in 15 lines.
  3. Illustrate the Gridline?



List and explain five problems militating against the improvement of agriculture in Nigeria.



1). Explain radioactivity in details.

2). State the types and their uses.


English Language                          


  1. Indicate the rising and falling tone in the following sentences with the use of arrow. E.g : i. These books are mine
  2. Can I go with you?
  3. Would you like some juice?
  4. Are you good at dancing?
  5. Yes, but I’m much better at singing
  6. You are welcome
  7. Roses are red.
  8. Give (5) five words for each sounds /ɪǝ/ and /eǝ /
  9. 3. Mention (3) three forms of adjectives and explain each


  1. Match the words in column A with their appropriate definitions in column B





Life- cycle

Resting on water



Connected to the body section

Containing the stomach



Living in water



To lose hair or skin



Complete stages of development



Joining together  








          Social studies  JSSS3

1a.       What is cultism?

  1. List any four (4) causes of cultism.
  2. 2. List any two (2) advantages and any three (3) disadvantages of modern means of transportation.





          Home Economics  JSSS 3

  1. 1. Write three types of family values and three types of family life style
  2. Write four body figure problems.



   Basic Technology     JSSS3

1a.       Define orthographic projection; mention 3 types and draw them.

  1. Write short note on Airflows and Pneumatics.
  2. State at least five (5) metalwork machines, types and their functions.
  3. 2. Briefly explain Foundation and walls: Definitions, types and function.



 French JSSS3

            Mentionnez cinq Adjectifs et utilizer pour faire cinq phrases.



Lit –in-Eng JSSS3

  1. Explain the following terms in Literature:
  2. Foil
  3. Pantomime
  • Soap Opera
  1. Denouement
  2. Poetic License


IDM     JS 3

Using javascript, write a program that will check if a number is an odd number or even number



  1. Explain the three (3) major reasons for Digital Divide

2a.       What is a Search Engine?

  1. List 4 functions of Search Engine.

3a.       Convert  3710 to binary

  1. Convert 110112 to decimal


Music JSS3

1a        What is compound time signature?

1b.       Give three examples of compound time signature

  1. Discuss the word “Transcription” in music.


CRK Jss3

Narrate Paul’s early life and convention Act 9:

Write five(5) reasons for leaving the topic peaceful co-existence in second term

 Write five(5) advantages of unity among church or organization like C.A.N, P.F.N


Yoruba Jss3

  1. ko ibasepo marun to walaarin Litireso apileko ati asa.

2a.       ko nipa orisirisi gbolohun ti a ni

  1. Ko iyato marun to wa laarin Litireso Apileko ati Ewi Atenudenu.