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Term Calender


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Important Dates:

  1. Friday8th June, 2018-----Open Day
  2. Tuesday 12th June, 2018------ Public Holiday
  3. Wednesday 13th&Thursday 14th June, 2018-----Mid Term Break
  4. Friday 15th& Monday 18th June------Sallah Break
  5. Monday 18th June, 2018 ----- Resumption from Mid Term (Hostel students)
  6. Tuesday 19th June, 2018------Resumption from Mid Term Break (Day Students) / Submission of Assignments/ BECE Begins.
  7. Saturday 23rd June, 2018 ----Entrance Exam (2nd Batch)
  8. Wednesday 19th July, 2018---Graduation Ceremony
  9. Friday 27th July, 2018---------End of 3rd Term Session
  10. Monday 6th August, 2018-----Summer School Begins
  11. Friday 7th, 2018---------------End of Summer School
  12. Monday 17th Sept 2018-------1st Term 2018/2019 Begins


The school has boarding facilities for both boys and girls. Our boarding facilities are excellent and within very conducive atmosphere for learning and living. Apart from the housemaster who lives with the boarders, there are house assistants for each room.

The house assistants live in the same room with the children under their care. The school keeps full -time dry-cleaners to assist the students with their laundry.

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Team work or the ability to work productively and harmoniously with others is very important in our world today. Special thanks to the parents, teachers and children who worked so tirelessly together on various programmes and class projects - The Class captain's debate teams, Fine Arts Exhibition Team, etc....just to mention a few!

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After School Programme:

After School Programme: Our After School Programme commenced on January as promised by the school and the number of participants shows that it is well received by the parents. The aim of the programme is to meaningfully engage the students in a safe environment while parents go about their individual businesses/work. Lunch is equally served and optional skill acquisition is integrated.

2018 Children’s Day Celebration

For 2018 Children’s Day Celebration, the National Gallery of Art invited entries for art work competition. Our students submitted their art works and won the following prizes:
1. 1st position in Drawing
2. 1st position in Mixed Media
3. 1st position in Graphics
4. 3rd position in Graphics
5. 2nd position in Mixed Media

2018 BECE

2018 BECE: Registration process for 2018 Basic Certificate Examination has started. Each JSS3 student is therefore required to pay a mandatory sum of ₦20,000.00 Twenty thousand naira only) which covers registration fees and logistics. The money should be paid on or before Friday 2nd March, 2018 either by cash to the principal or into our Sterling Bank account- 0011325164 Mercyland Int. Sch. AGOB.

Hostel Party

Hostel Party:A social night was organized by the school for our students/pupils in the hostel on Saturday 10th Feb, 2018. The students enjoyed every bit of the night. We are thankful to our parents who created time to add colour to the programme.

Literary/ Cultural Day

Literary/ Cultural Day:Our 2018 Literary/ Cultural Day will hold on Wed 21st Feb, 2018 in the school premises. Boarders are hereby encouraged to make provision for one native/traditional wear.


Doxology We have come to that time in the academic year when we look back and count our blessing, and name them one by one. Surely we have been stupendously blessed by God and we almost could not mention them all, but we would not fail to “Enter into his gate with thanksgiving and into his court with praise……..” God has indeed been faithful to us at Mercyland in general, and at the Mercyland hostel in particular.

We thanks God for keeping, guiding, protecting , and shielding us from the notes of evil. This is not particularly because we excel at what we do at Mercyland (HOSTELS), but God in His infinite mercy has decided to “shield” with us and so we can virtually declare without being pompous that Mercyland hostel is the best. As the name Mercyland implies, we have come to realize that it is not of   him that willeth nor of him that runneth, it is of God that sheweth mercy. We are eternally grateful at Mercyland Hostels that God extends his mercy to us as individuals and as a whole family.

Mercyland hostels open her doors to pupils, students-both male and female, ages from eighteen (18) months, and above. No matter the background or foundation of a child at Mercyland hostels , we train  children in a way they should grow, taking into cognizance, the individual personality, weakness, and strength, and since the inception of the hostels, there has never been an exception in the record of “Conformity”.

The male hostel is situated within the school premises and the residential hall is divided into wings, the College boys’ wing and the Primary boys’ wing. The female hostel is situated close to the school along the labour Arena Road in G.R.A. Female boarders are conveyed from the hostel to the school, and back to the hostel by a standby Luxurious bus driven by competent drivers, and conducted by care-givers and Civil Defense men. Mercyland International schools develop the child socially, mentally, spiritually, psychologically and academically, but the children are not over-loaded with academic work so that they do not become dull. Therefore, boarder engage in extra curricula activities namely: Table tennis, Handball, Basket ball, Cycling etc. Boarders are also trained in different vocational fields. Boys train as Barbers, while girls are trained in Baking, Cooking, Hair dressing, Dress making etc. The children also organize hall to hall week featuring. “Talents” hunt in song-miming, Beauty pageant, Debates, Impromptu speeches, Drama, Quiz competition, etc.

Mercyland hostels have got enough moulding, hands on deck and are blessed with a conducive environment for learning and developing “Sound minds”. The hostels are fully equipped and boarders enjoy “state of the art” facilities such as satellite television, video recorders, Telephone facilities, standby “MIKANO” generating sets, clean water, amusement park, well ventilated residential halls, a large dining hall were nutritious foods are attractively served, a decent Snacks Bar (SOYEMI PAVILLION) and a fully equipped health centre with trained medical personnels. There is also a Guidance and Counseling Department, and religious guidance services.

Talking of security, in Mercyland hostels, our Corporate Guards, and Nigeria Police Force, work hand- in – hand to ensure maximum security of our children. “He that keepeth Israel,  neither slumber nor sleeps” When it becomes mandatory for a boarder to go out of the residential hall, a dully signed ‘Exeat’ is issued to such a boarder by his/her housemaster/matron.

The boarders, both boys and girls have special duty roaster which covers all days of the week. The housemaster/ matron ensure that every boarder fully participates in their assigned duties. Activities commences from 4:00 a.m and ends at 10:15p.m, Mondays to Fridays. On Saturdays and Sundays, activities commences from 6:00a.m and 9:55p.m on Saturdays and 10:00p.m on Sundays respectively.

On every last Saturday of the month, boards observe their Visiting Day between 10:00a.m and 6:00p.m. The Mercyland hostels are built on a fortress that cannot be shaken.

As mountains are round about Jerusalem, so the LORD God is round about us at Mercyland hostels. Come and share with us, and we will do you good, because the Lord has spoken well concerning us.

                                                                                                                                                                           The House Master.

                                                                                                                                                                         MR, ALPHONSE HOUNGBO