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1a.  Define Citizenship.

  1. State 4 conditions a foreigner must fulfill before becoming a citizen of Nigeria.
  2. List 4 sources of the constitution and explain.



  1. Define health according to W. H. O
  2. List the three determinants of health.
  3. List five non-communicable diseases.



1a. What is typewriting ?

  1. Mention any ten(10) parts of a typewriter.

2a. Give any three (3) ways we can take care of a typewriter.

  1. Write out the second group of consonants with their signs
  2. C. A JSS1
  3. Define Poem
  4. Write a sonnet on "Home sweet home "


1). Enumerate five farm animals.

2). List four characteristics of poultry birds.

3). What is animal nutrition?

English Language     JSSS 1

  1. What is preposition?
  2. Give ten common prepositions
  3. Make (5) sentences from the common prepositions

                                        SPOKEN ENGLISH

  1. 2. Give (5) five words for each sounds /Ө/ and /∫ /
  2. Provide the PASSIVE form of the following ACTIVE form
  3. Pilot fly aeroplanes
  4. Kudirat is cooking lunch

iii.       The boys were taking soft drinks when I arrived

  1. I will write the letter tomorrow
  2. You sent your daughter Groceries.


          SOCIAL STUDIES       JSSS1

1a.       Define friendship

  1. List 5 qualities and behaviours that enhances friendship.

2a.       Define leadership

  1. State 5 qualities of a good leader


           HOME ECONOMICS          JSSS1

  1. Define family.
  2. 2. Write three types of family in Nigeria.
  3. Write five careers in Home Economics.


           BASIC SCIENCE      JSSS1

1a.       State the two classification of living things.

  1. Briefly explain the characteristics of living things.

2a.       Define satellites and give the uses of satellite.

  1. What is energy and mention five (5) uses of energy.




            1a.       Mention at least ten (10) Electronic Devices.

  1. Define Energy and give the S. I unit of Energy.
  2. What is power? State the S.I unit of power.

2a.       Define Information and Communication Technology.

  1. List the advantages and disadvantages of Internet.





Ecrivez vous cing objects de la maison.




  1. Explain the following literary terms in Literature:
  2. Plot
  3. Soliloquy
  • Themes
  1. Subject matter
  2. Monologue


IDM     JS 1

  1. What are the FOUR properties of font in Graphics Window?
  2. Mention (3) Do’s and (2) Don’ts of Chats



  1. What is a printer?
  2. Mention the types of printers.
  3. Differentiate between Read Only Memory (ROM) and Random Access Memory (RAM)


Music JSS1

1a.       What is Bar line(s)?

1b.       What are the Note values?

  1. Discuss Five African/Traditional composers.


C.R.K    Jss1

1          Deborah and Barak led their people to freedom ---------:----            Judges 4:4 -5:1-31

2          What is repentance?

B    Use the repentance story of king David as a good example --------- 2 Sam 11;2 – 12


Yoruba  JSSI

Isori Oro

1a        Daruko isori Oro to wa ninu ede Yoruba. (Parts of speech)

1b        Lo isori Oro kookan ni gbolohun.

1c        Fa ila si idi isori Oro to o Lo ninu gbolohun kookan.


So ohun ti oge sise je

Ko Pataki oge sise marun

Daruko awon ohun elo oge ni aye atijo.

Daruko awon ohun elo oge ni ode-oni ati aleebu won.



  1. Simplify the algebraic expression: 3(2y - 3) = 5y + 2(3 - y)
  2. Find the area of the diagram below



  1. Convert the number 6358 to base five
  2. 125men can do a piece of work in 120days, how many men will be sufficient to do the same work in 100days?