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HOLIDAY ASSIGNMENT                                                MATHEMATICS JSS TWO

  1. Solve the inequality 3- 2n > 5
  2. Madam Angel spent one-fifth of her salary on food, she then spent one-third of the remainder on her car, she has $286.00 left. Calculate her salary.
  3. Find the reciprocal of ÷ (+ )   
  4. Solve the inequality: 2m – 5 > 13m + 17 and draw the line graph (number line)



1a. Define constitution.

  1. State 4 features of pre-independence (colonial ) constitution of Nigeria.
  2. State 5 reasons the constitution is supreme.


  1. enumerate four nature of table tennis game.
  2. List five basic skills of table tennis game.
  3. List five basic skills of tennis game.


1a. What is office procedures?

  1. List any four procedures for making payments and explain one.

2a. What is office Equipment?

  1. Mention any four types of office equipment.
  2. C. A JSS2
  3. Explain craft in 10 lines.
  4. Illustrate a finished craftwork.


1). List five storage facilities for farm produce.

2). Mention three developments of Agriculture in Nigeria.

3). List three forest products.

English Language JSSS 2

  1. Mention and explain (5) five types of Tense
  2. Mention (7) Seven Punctuation marks, explain each and give examples     on each.
  3. Give (5) five words each for the sounds / ƆI / and / ǝʊ /
  4. Mention 3 words associated with politics


          Social Studies  JSSS2

1a.       Define savings

  1. Give any three reasons for savings.

2a.       What is drug abuse?

  1. List any three consequences of harmful substances.


           Home economics JSSS 2

1a.       Write five signs of puberty in boys and girls.

  1. Write five methods of storing family clothing.


Basic Science

           JSSS 2

1a.       Briefly explain the following: (i) Work (ii) Energy (iii) Powder

  1. Define simple machine.

 2a.      Define matter and state the kinetic theory of matter.

  1. (i) What is measurement (ii) Write out at least five (5) measuring devices.


             Basic Technology     JSSS2

1a.       Define motion, state the two types of motion and explain each with example.

  1. State the principle of operation of A C Motors.

2a.       Explain transmission system of electricity.

  1. List the steps in building site preparation.


French           JSSS2

                        Mentionnez cinq professions.




  1. List and explain the various types of drama you know. Discuss five (5) at least.


IDM     JS 2

  1. What is the difference between the <td> and <tr> tags?
  2. Write the line of code to specify the color of a link depending on the action performed.



  1. What is an Internet?
  2. Mention (4) four web browsers

3a.       What are Graphic Packages?

  1. List 5 examples of Graphic Packages

Music JSS2

1a.       What is Cadence?

1b.       List 4 types of Cadence.

2          Discuss the technical and Numerical Names of major scale.


C.R.K Jss2

1          Mention three miracles in which faith in Jesus was demonstrated……Jn 2:1-11; Mathew 8:23-27: Mathew 14;13-21

  1. Write on one of the miracles.
  2. Explain why the day of Jesus crucifixion is called good Friday. Mathew 27:32-44
  3. State the seven words of Jesus on the cross


Yoruba Jss2


1a        Ki ni Oriki

1b        Ko orisirisi Oriki to wa pelu apeere.


Ka        onka    ookanlelogorun de eedegbeta 101 – 500. Ki  o siko sile.