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Mercyland International School is always poised to uphold its complete and comprehensive educative hence, a Training center where various forms of vocations that could give pupils/students the opportunity  of developing their potentials to the fullest has been put in place  

Malcom S. Forbes says; ‘’Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one’s. So, the school is using the training at the center to open the minds of pupils/students to the possibilities of a great future through the various crafts available in the centre Bead/Hats making, Leather work, Aso-oke weaving, Computer Repairs/Assemblage, Fashion designing, Hairdressing/Barbing, Catering, Playing of local drums/instruments. We are interested in developing students that will flourish as pupils/students, persons, employers. We are essentially out to raise, rear, nurture and see our children grow. Mercyland International School introduce the center to ensure that the pupils/students are not only exposed to academics but also, to the right skills that will ensure a perfect, independent future for them, that will enable them spend their term wisely and well so that their hour on stage could lead to affine, blissful future.    

Potential musicians, actors, dancers, instrumentalists, computer engineers, caterers, cobblers that abound in Mercyland Schools Vocational Centre posses rare gifts that demand right development in the right environment and this, the school is ready to uphold. Join the train!!!

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