Mercyland Int'l Schools

Co-curricular club in Mercyland

Mercyland School co-curricular club still hums even with the volume of academic work being done. We have variety of clubs and societies and pupils/students are encouraged to belong to at least two clubs which will help further refine the pupils/students spirit of succeeding in competitive practical feminism (physical fitness, survival skills, camping, citizenship training and career preparation) among all.

The co-curricular club was introduced in Mercyland school on the 16th June, 2010. This is a further display of the commitment of the school to ensuring all round development of Mercyland. The club since inception has been up and doing with series of training, meetings and charity visits to some Para-military agencies in Abeokuta on series of training. A fun trip to Chicken Republic in the company of the proprietress, Dr (Mrs) A.A Bankole.

Co-curricular clubs in Mercyland are the Boys Cops, Scout, Brownies, Girls Guide, and Brigade band clubs. The co-curricular club in the Mercyland is a club led by men and women who are committed to the growth and development of girls and boys. It is a platform of giving non-formal education through discussion, debate, cultural awareness, understanding and appreciation, thus developing girls, boys, young men and women morally, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, physically and socially.

The Association provides a dynamic, value based on non-formal education programme that is relevant to the needs of each group.

Activities of the co-curricular club includes the teaching and learning of development of good morals through the practice of Guide promise and laws, attending religious worship, identifying personal, family religious and cultural values, understanding the need of peaceful living in the community learning to give services in the community, identification of 6 rules of health, learn about communication and means of communication etc.

Our parents are enjoined to allow their girls/boys to join the co-curricular clubs during their stay in Mercyland: it is a long-term investment in children. This year promises to be very interesting as the school has great treasures in store for all the clubs through trainings, meetings, workshops, seminars, shows, outdoor activities and community services at national and international level.