Mercyland Int'l Schools


You are welcome to the home of sound educational knowledge where love, joy and mercies radiate. Here, we love progress and that is why we always submit ourselves to the demands of progress.

Mercyland international School is more than a school. it is a home away from home. We have a pleasant environment where children, parents and staff have come together to form one big and happy family.

You are in an exceptional school where a medley of love, joy and happiness breed academic excellence. Like the fragrance and flagrant beauty of a flower planted by the riverside, we lack nothing in the realm of academia.

 We sincerely believe that the future that future of every child and adult blossom well in an atmosphere of love and comfort. This is why we nurture and maintain an ever-welcoming environment.

You now have the option of downloading our application forms or even better, filling out our online application form which is a better option as you can login at anytime and find out what's new at Mercyland