Mercyland Int'l Schools


IT IS MY VIEW THAT THE NEXT Academic Session will commence soon and this will give you an idea of the vibrant continuity that is called Mercyland International Schools. It is really difficult to convey fully the flavor of this School on pages of paper and there are never be a good substitute for a visit either during one of our Open Days or during term time.

Our purpose of Mercyland International Schools can be simply stated: To provide the needed opportunity and encouraged to excel in a wide variety of educational and extracurricular activities and initiatives. In their quest to attain these goals and objectives, pupils will take responsibility for their learning passage to adulthood by developing character, ably assisted, mentored and guided by qualified and committed staff. The aesthetically pleasing, purpose built facilities will mirror what happens within the walls in which each child is cared for and valued equally.

At Mercyland, Abeokuta, Ogun-State, Nigeria, we are seeking to encourage the growth of our pupils who will attend Mercyland Schools will become proud and insightful, dedicated and admitted, responsible, respectful and disciplined members of the societies and communities they will serve. Here in Mercyland schools, we also strive to prepare each learner for the best examination results through a broad based coherent and balanced curriculum.

This is not all. We are also seeking to encourage the development in every child of self-discipline, responsibility, spiritual values and personal moral code, leading to highest possible behaviours.

Our pupils/students with pride too, have embraced the privilege to have established the school working in close partnership with the Board of Directors, staff, pupils/students, parents, the community and other schools, as we work together towards making Mercyland Schools unparalleled in the education and service it will provide.

I welcome you all and look forward to playing a part in assisting each pupil/student to reach their full potential, while at the same time, striving to achieve the vision, mission and aims and objectives of this outstanding educational facility with the values of academic excellence, honesty and integrity, responsibility and self-discipline, service and stewardship as the guiding principles. And above all, we have the backing of the Almighty God for in Him, we trust.

Welcome to Mercyland!

Warm regards.

By R.E Achori