Mercyland Int'l Schools

I am very glad that you are showing interest in Mercyland Int’l college, Oba Alake Road Ibara Abeokuta Ogun State, Nigeria. This website is designed to give you an insight into the vibrant educational community that is called Mercyland International School, Abeokuta.

Since the 1980’s, the concept of quality education has been a central focus of attention in Nigeria especially in the south-west zone. It is this purpose driven idea that lead to the establishment of Mercyland international Nursery/Primary school in 1994 by Chief A.G.O Bankole (A high Chief in Egbaland) and his amiable wife Dr (Mrs) A.A Bankole. The school which started with a humble beginning as a day care centre with only four children has enjoyed formidable growth. This is largely due to unsurpassed commitments of its founders to lofty goals and shimmering ideas of imparting sound academic and moral education into the Nigeria youths. Mercyland International College, Abeokuta is an offspring of Mercyland International Nursery/Primary School. The college though born in 2004 has established itself as an International College with comprehensive academic programmes, quality staff and excellent facilities.

At Mercyland International College, Abeokuta, we understand quite well the criteria for the development and growth of leadership which include national policies, strategy, people partnership, resources and processes. With this in mind, we have designed a co-educational approach to learning which places emphasis on effective teaching and learning process, identification and development of inherent skills and abilities, neat and serene academic environment, excellent facilities and high moral tone.

In the words of our Proprietress, Dr (Mrs) A.A Bankole, “Mercyland International Schools is about quality-quality academic performance, quality direct personal care for the learners, co-curricular achievement”. For quality to be achieved, many factors have to be considered and properly integrated into the general system of an organization some of these include principle, ethics, curriculum, facilities, environment, resources and goals.

At Mercyland, we have taken time to consider all these factors and we have designed goals and objectives which are well defined for effective operation.

                                Some of Our Aims

  1. To be an independent school providing education of the highest quality.
  2. To provide education for self and humanity
  3. To give boys and girls equal opportunity to benefit from the school’s educational programmes regardless of their background
  4. To treat each learner as a valued individual
  5. To provide an effective system for good moral upbringing for future leaders.
  6. To enable each child fulfill his/her potential and grow towards reflective responsible adulthood.

We therefore operate a broad based dynamic and rich curriculum which makes the total education of the child feasible and answers for successful realization of our set aims. Though challenging in nature, the overall positive effect of our programme on students’ performance is quite outstanding. It enables our students to excel in state, national and international examinations.

The mixture of good teaching, brilliant management and excellent facilities with beautiful serene environment naturally produces splendid academic performances. And this is what Mercyland International College is enjoying. Our medical centre ultra modern E-library, well equipped laboratories (for Physics, Chemistry and biology) and ICT centre are second to none amongst Secondary Schools in the nation.  To our indefatigable Chairman, Olootu A.G.O Bankole, Mercyland is “work in-progress” in terms of infrastructural development and procurement of equipment. This explains why projects after projects are carefully and constantly being executed to meet the present and future needs of any child that attends Mercyland.

We have functional clubs and societies in the school. These include Girls Guide, Scout, Road Safety, French Troupe, Press, Literary and Debating, Cultural Troupe, Band Brigade, JET e.t.c. Through these clubs and societies, the school has won prizes in various state, and national inter school competitions.

Discipline: Our moral tone is quite high and our students have imbibed the principle of hard work and peaceful co existence. The philosopher, Aristotle once said that “Moral excellence comes about as a result of habit”. At Mercyland International College Abeokuta, Ogun state Nigeria. We encourage our students to form good habits ranging from social behaviours to spirituality.

Sport: Our sports department has brought honours to the school. It is a vibrant department our school coaches have led the male and female teams to different competitions ranging from track events to field events. Our proximity to MKO Abiola International stadium, Abeokuta sports club and Ijeja stadium places us at vantage position in the area of sports.

We also enjoy the contribution/support from our strong and articulate parents and guardians. Their useful contributions during parents Teachers Association meetings are of immense value to the school. Mercyland International college is a strong united family.

Conclusion: As you journey through the various pieces of information on this site, you will learn more of Mercyland International School, Abeokuta. However, I must honestly inform you that it is not possible to fully present Mercyland to you through this medium. Bearing in mind the fact that the choice of a school is too serious a choice to be left to chance, especially in Nigeria today; I therefore encourage you to pay us a visit any day and feel the pulse of the school first hand.

I sincerely appreciate your time with me on this page. See you when you come. You can also send us an e-mail at your convenient time.

Remain blessed

Yours Sincerely

Pastor Eze Moses. I.