Mercyland Hostel
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Mercyland Hostel for male is located in the school compound while the female is at the Mercyland Hall of Residence. All the facilities are linked. The hostel provides a serene, conducive environment for students to work together, grow to full maturity and develop holistic personality through the help of house masters and matrons.

Our hostel facilities admit students and pupils from age 3 – 18 years boys and girls.          


The school operates different categories of hostel accommodation. Namely:

   1. Regular Hostel Accommodation: This is available for students and pupils who want to be resident in the school for the 13-week term period.

2. Weekend Hostel Accommodation: This is meant to meet the needs of parents who at one point or the other may have weekend engagements and wish to keep their children in safe hands. It covers three nights – Friday to Monday.


        3. Fostering All Year Round:  With this arrangement, parents who need to migrate for a period can do so with ease. Their children are kept in our safe environment and adequate care. In case of the holiday periods, the school arranges programs like excursions, visits to places of interest and other entertainment trips for this category of students. Thus, our all-year round activities for them ensure that they are comfortable at Mercyland Schools. And this gives respite to their parents.                              


The accommodation facilities are fascinating: the rooms are all en-suite with conveniences. Each room accommodates 4 students; each student is allocated a single bed and personal wardrobe. And each room is well ventilated, the doors and windows are well netted. 

Other facilities therein include:

24-hour security

Standard Launderette

Study Rooms: There are study rooms where children observe their prep and access the Internet. This encourages students to study in a conducive reading room. 

Internet Access which makes our students to stay connected to the world 24/7. This also enable them to carry out researches, do their projects and assignments

The hostel also has Common Rooms where pupils/students relax, watch television and entertain themselves


The value of water in everyday life cannot be quantified. At Mercyland International Schools, we ensure adequate regular supply of water to the school. Our sources of water include: government public supply, standard Boreholes and standby Stainless Water Tanker. The school also has Water Treatment Plant for the purification and packaging of water for the use of our school community.



To constantly power our various equipments and supply light for the needs of our population, the school has procured Mikano electric generators as we do not rely only on the public electricity supply.



Security is a topmost priority for us at Mercyland. The hostels are securely protected by a team of experienced Security Guards positioned at strategic points of the school. And they are complimented by armed officers of the Nigeria Police Force on 24 hours basis, seven days a week. Aside, the Zone 2 headquarters of Nigeria Police Force which also serves as the base of Mobile Police (Mopol 16), and the Deputy Governor's Lodge are within 100m from our vicinity. The school is located within the G.R.A. community where top government officials reside along with various security agencies such as State Security Service, NDLEA and the FRSC. All these enhance effective and adequate security in the school environment. 


The school allows two times visit in a month for the hostel children in lower grade with age range of 3-10 years. And monthly visit for students in the senior grade, age 12 – 18 years.


 At Mercyland International Schools, Abeokuta Ogun State Nigeria, healthy living in a healthy environment is our preference. Preventive medicine rather than curative is our priority. The school has well equipped Health Centre and resident medical personnel to attend to immediate health needs of our children. We also have standing relationships with government hospitals in case of specialized needs.


 The feeding program in Mercyland Hostel is well designed to meet the health and growth needs of the children. Meals that contain all essential nutrients are prepared daily and served by our experienced, professional caterers. Our modern and standard Kitchen and spacious, well furnished dinning ensure that the meals are prepared and eaten in very neat and conducive environment.



According to Albert Einstein “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.” In Mercyland, we have a balanced view on religion and encourage our children to practice their various religious beliefs without impeding on the rights of their mates. Thus religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence is vigorously pursued in all facets of the school life. Adequate provisions are made to encourage each Mercylander to practice his or her faith within the school environment without losing sight of the main purpose of coming to school. Christian Religious Studies and Islamic Religious Studies are part of our curriculum in the school. Arrangements are made for Imams and Pastors who visit the school to meet the pastoral needs of our students and pupils. Spiritual guidance and activities for our pupils/students are: Daily morning and evening devotions in the hostels, regular Muslim and Christian Fellowships on Fridays, and Christian Services and Asalatul for the muslims on Sundays. 


Mercyland Hostel encourages, mutual cooperation, sympathy, love and care for others and development of self-independence in a child. In fact, Mercyland International Schools' Hostel is Home away from Home. The school organizes various social activities for the relaxation and enjoyment of the children in the hostel. Such events include Welcome parties and Gala Nights. During such events varieties of activities for the enjoyment of the children and discovery of talent are put together. These carefully structured programmes enable boarders to interact with the school's community and parents who always grace the occasions.




The great value of sport is that it teaches us to recognize the difference between winning and striving for excellence, the better but much harder achievement. More importantly, sports teach us how to pursue and handle success. With this in mind, the school management has incorporated sporting activities in the hostel programme. Mercyland Hostel students/pupils enjoy modern and standard sports facilities: basketball, lawn tennis and volleyball courts, football and hockey pitches, gym, cycling, indoor games like chess, ludo, draughts and others. The effect of this foresight is seen in the healthy physical development of our children and their mental alertness. 

Visitors’ Lounge Parents have the privilege to stay overnight during their visit to their children as the hostel is located at the heart of the G.R.A Ibara, Abeokuta. Also, there are abundant hotels around the school and accommodation within the school at moderate charges. Bookings can also be arranged by the school if desired. Eateries are situated within short distance from the school’s hostel.


Students and pupils in the hostel must abide by the school rules and regulations.

Note that cooked food is not allowed into the hostel. Parents and guardians are free to take their children out on visiting days.



 Mercyland Hostel is home away from home. It encourages our students and pupils to develop integral life skills through sports, social, cultural, religious, recreational and academic activities. Through an interwoven of well planned activities, they become self-confident, morally upright and express themselves positively with humility at all times.